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Job Seekers FAQs

What must I do to apply?

Visit any office from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and have identification to verify your right to work in the U.S., or to prove U.S. citizenship. View a list of acceptable identification.

Will you have a job for me when I apply?

On your first visit, applicants will complete required paperwork and have a brief interview. Your availability, type of work desired, and our current opening will determine how quickly you can be placed. It is not uncommon to be placed on an assignment when you apply, but not guaranteed.

Do you only have temporary jobs?

No. Many of our employers use temporary positions as a “temp-to-hire” springboard to full-time employment.

Do you ever directly place candidates?

Yes. We often place candidates directly onto our employer/client’s payroll

When is payday?

Infinity Resources staff are paid weekly in most cases. Our staff center manager will confirm the exact pay schedule for each candidate.

What is the benefit of a temporary or temporary-to-hire placement?

Temporary assignments offer employees (and employers) the opportunity to evaluate the position to determine if it is a good fit.

What is the drug policy?

Infinity Resources is a zero tolerance, drug-free workplace. Staff can be tested prior to assignment, when an injury occurs, or on a random basis.

How many days of work may I miss?

In an emergency situation a staff member must notify the staff coordination and client supervisor as soon as possible. There are no other approved absences.

Are holidays paid?

Staff members who accumulate 1,500 hours without a significant break are entitled to six paid holidays and one-week vacation.

What if I work on a holiday?

Infinity encourages employers who schedule work on a holiday to offer incentive pay.

How do I qualify for vacation?

After working 1,500 hours (approximately 9 months) employees will receive one week’s average pay.

Do you have part-time jobs?

The majority of our positions are full time, but at times we do offer part time assignments.

Who is my employer when I work for IRI?

Infinity is your legal employer. Weekly pay, Social Security Tax match, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance are provided through Infinity Resources.

What should I do if I have a problem on the job?

You are encouraged to take any legitimate concerns to your Infinity Staff Coordinator, or directly to Martin Farrell, Infinity Resources President.

What should I do if I am injured?

Injuries must be immediately reported to your Infinity Staff Coordinator or manager so that appropriate treatment and action may be taken. If you do not wish to formally report an injury, or have been treated effectively on the job site, you may complete an Incident Report for the records.