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Employer FAQs

How quickly can you respond?

Very quickly. It all depend on the available candidates and their skill levels you require. Some positions may require advertising or additional networking. We can confidentially advertise on the employer's behalf.

How do we get started?

Contact one of our staffing centers. We will consult with you about the candidate you require and/or schedule a visit to your facility.

Do you only provide temporary workers?

No. Many of our candidates are ultimately seeking a permanent job. The most popular method of transferring an employee to the client payroll is after a short probationary period on Infinity payroll. This period is traditionally 90 days. Clients wishing to hire early may do so at additional cost.

Who is responsible for workers' compensation coverage?

Infinity provides worker’s compensation coverage for those injured on the job. We interface with the client to investigate injuries and return injured staff to light and regular work as soon as possible after an injury. Our clients are expected to provide a safe work place and to include Infinity staff in safety training to ensure a culture of safety.

Who is responsible for unemployment insurance?

Infinity funds unemployment insurance for those staff who are displaced from their work through no fault of their own. We will work with clients to contest claims when a staff member has been terminated for cause or may have left the assignment of their own volition.

How do we transfer someone to our payroll?

Typically, we ask that you transfer after a probationary period of 90 days on the Infinity payroll. We are happy to discuss this policy and to work out any additional costs due should our client wish to hire prior to the end of the probation period.

What if a candidate is not working out?

Please let us know immediately if a candidate is not fulfilling your needs. Infinity can replace the staff member and determine what caused the failure to ensure a better fit next time.

Who pays for work boots, safety glasses, and other safety gear?

Customarily, the cost of uniforms, job-specific safety wear, safety glasses, ear protection, respiratory protection and other specific safety gear is the responsibility of our clients.

Who pays vacation pay?

Infinity staff members who work 1,500 hours (approximately 9 months ) receive one week’s average pay and are then eligible for six paid holidays. The staff member may take the week off with pay or receive ‘double pay’ should they no take time off. Time off from the assignment must be approved by our client. The paid holidays are Memorial, Independence, and Labor Days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. The Infinity Paid Time Off bonus program is funded by Infinity.

Who pays for health care benefits?

While on the Infinity payroll, staff members have several options to purchase health care. They are free to waive coverage.