Group Management

In some instances, our clients may wish to transfer a group or division to our care. Other times, small employers with one or two employees may wish to partner with Infinity to ensure that their employees are properly paid, taxed, and insured. Infinity can help with this for one or one hundred employees. We bring our 50 years of experience to assist in extending our payroll and employee management services to large and small companies. While not offering PEO ( Professional Employer Organization ) Services, Infinity can open our books to those employees that our clients have recruited and have been employing and in so doing, relieve them of the burdens of weekly payroll, tax calculating, tax remittance and reporting, worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance coverage, vacation and Paid Time Off and other very basic benefits of employment.

Our rates for Group Management are discounted from our standard rates as there are no recruiting costs to recover. Based on this, our rates start at a more economical level reflecting the volume of employees turned over to our care and the anticipated long term nature of the Group Management relationship.

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