Direct Placement

Sometimes ‘temporary’ is just not enough for our clients and candidates who need more experienced and sophisticated staff members. Shift Supervisors, Plant Managers, Office Managers, Sales & Marketing, and other mid-level management situations dictate that our clients hire directly onto their payroll, bypassing the Try-before-you-hire model. When this is the case, Infinity screens candidates from our existing pool of talent, places targeted and confidential print and electronic ads, and networks with our clients and associates to identify a group of excellent candidates for our clients’ special needs.

Our clients structure the approach that we take in approving the advertising message and placement, interviewing process, and testing and background research that will go into their customized recruiting and placement project at Infinity.

Unequalled in the industry is our follow up after the placement as we develop a clear process for on-boarding the new hire to our client’s company and to assist in measuring the new hire’s progress towards clearly identified goals within the first weeks and months of their new career.

Our Direct Placement services are guaranteed in most circumstances and can be invoiced in a tiered manner to suit the client's budget and their satisfaction with our newly hired candidate.

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