Consider this your opportunity to ‘test drive’ a new employee or candidate. During a probationary period that usually lasts from 90 to 120 days, our clients can audition our candidates to determine if they are a good fit for both the new employee and the company. Should their not be a good fit, or production levels change negating the need for a new employee, Infinity can professionally end the Temp-to-Hire process with little trouble to our client employers.

In most cases, our temporary referrals are always the first candidates that our clients look for when considering a new hire. They have been on the job for several weeks and have shown their good attitude, abilities, experience, and drive to do a good job. By design or good fortune, our temps turn into tomorrow’s new employees for our clients. We encourage this outcome and are pleased to congratulate our best temporaries who proudly announce their new job at our client company when visiting with us. These types of hires are our best advertising amongst job seekers in the markets that we serve.

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