Joseph Weindorf

Public and Corporate Safety Consulting Services:

• Emergency Operations Planning and Exercises
• Building, Grounds and Personnel Security Assessments
• School Policing and Student/Staff Safety
• Municipal Public Safety Staffing and Operations
• Corporate Security Staffing and Operations
• Training Needs Assessment and Facilitation

1. Emergency Operations Planning and Exercises: Structuring procedures intended to enhance the safety of those who become subject to emergency and/or disaster situations in the form of a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that can be used by administrators and staff as an “all-hazards approach” in addressing emergency response. Facilitating cyclical plan review, exercise and updates.

2. Building, Grounds and Personnel Security Assessment: To include: inspection of facilities and contiguous grounds to determine possible security issues relative to property and personnel, and recommend and facilitate solutions for threat mitigation.

3. School Policing and Student/Staff Safety: To include: program design, job description, standard operating procedures, training profile adapted to district environment and demographics, appropriate hiring process.

4. Municipal Public Safety Staffing and Operations: Assessment of Police, Fire, and Emergency Management services, to include: administrative policies, hiring practices/screening, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, advancement and promotional criteria and testing, budget and logistical needs, grant opportunities, community relations, tactical responses and training needs.

5. Corporate Security and Staffing Operations: To include: Needs assessment relative to security staff job descriptions, background investigations, standard operation procedures, personnel profiles and deployment, logistical and technology needs - to include communications, threat assessments, emergency operations planning, and executive protection procedures.

6. Training Needs Assessment: Private and Public Sector needs assessment relative to training for the entire organization. In the business/corporate field, training would include advanced instruction on both personal, employee and facility security, along with fire safety, emergency management, and emergency medical certifications. In the public organizations (police, fire, emergency management), tactical training over and above the basic certifications required by law and regulation that enhance the protection of the community and the first responding practitioners.

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